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About us


LOVING CARE ACADEMY IS dedicated to providing the families of our community with a quality school and extended care program in a joyful, loving environment. Our purpose is to help build a strong intellectual, emotional and social framework of reference for living and to create a foundation for later, more formal education. Most importantly, we feel that each child needs to feel good about themselves


Our staff brings years of experience in working with children. Each staff member is a qualified teacher or aide. Most importantly, our staff loves children and is committed to seeing that each child is cared for in a loving and secure environment

How important is it for your child to begin academic readiness prior to entering kindergarten? How soon do you want your child to read? Do you favor early second language instruction? What about enrichment activities taught during the caregiver period? Some families believe that preschool programs provide their children with an educational edge.

Our Program includes immersion in Spanish, Phonics, Writing, Reading, Math and Science. It's the perfect time to nurture young children's interests and skills into a life time love for learning. Your child's day is jam packed with fun educational activities designed to promote early learning. Wrap around All Day Care is available!

370  Banana River Drive
Merritt Island,FL 23952